Monday, June 20, 2011

FIFA is a Mess

I am trying to think of a good acronym for FIFA, the Federation Internationale de Association Football, but am having a hard time keeping it clean.

With the resignation of Jack Warner, cleared of all charges of corruption by FIFA's internal ethics committee, a spot has opened up on the executive committee. My hope is that it is filled by someone who is worthy, someone who really cares for the game and has no ulterior motives. The cynic in me suggests it will be filled by another kowtowing Blatter crony.

Leadership should change at FIFA, but who should be in charge? How can one get into a position to represent, for example, American Soccer on the international stage? If time were abundant I would research the answer, but alas, this blog is for asking questions about that which I do not know, hoping some person somewhere can provide an answer.

Thanks for reading.

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