Monday, December 12, 2011

El Classic

Stakes were very high going into this game. For FC Barcelona, this was a must win game.The first twenty-three seconds were horrible, and my initial thought was that Madrid were about to run rampant over us, netting a score of goals. Thankfully, after that incredibly opportunistic start, Madrid's fragile psyche was exposed.
The miss by Ronaldo, through on goal with about twenty minutes of the game gone, followed closely by Xabi Alonso's yellow card for a hack on Messi, constituted a turning point in the game. About ten minutes later, Messi dribbled by four players, and threaded his pass to Sanchez for the equalizer. Barca's confidence grew, and well, you know what happened next. 
It wasn't as definitive or impressive as la manita last year, but this was a fantastic and necessary win for FCB.
Visca el Barca!

On an unrelated note, this blogger is moving to Barcelona in February of 2012. I hope to get to as many games in person as possible. I'll keep you posted!

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