Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life in BCN: Early Days

So we are coming up on our two month anniversary of the big move to Barcelona. It's early days still, but indicators are positive for our new life here. My wife has managed to not only get pretty much all of her documents together (she became a Spanish citizen in the United States, but needed to get her national identity card, her health card, her social security card etc.), but she's also managed to get part time work, with a high likelihood of a full time position starting in the fall. That is no small feat here, as Spain is in the midst of a national economic crisis; unemployment is at record levels.

For my part, I've been a one man-one client daddy-day-care, my one client being our two year old son. Fortunately or unfortunately, that job has now ended- we've put the little tyke in a citizenship training course (aka proper daycare) where he is doing all sorts of fun stuff including painting, sculpting, constructing and loads of playing.

That has freed my time up to focus on my passion - football - and the maintenance of this blog.

I've posted on my first foray to the Camp Nou already, and I've got tickets to a game in May. Hopefully I will get to see more than just those two this season, but we will see.

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