Saturday, August 26, 2017

Resurrecting the Blog - Adjusting the Focus

Summer 2017 Legends Match at Camp Nou
Four years have passed since my last entry into this blog. Some writing practice is in order.

Living in Barcelona, and futbol malaise is creeping in. Neymar's transfer is just one of a dozen things that has rubbed me wrong lately. Player salaries are starting to bother me more than they have before. Neymar is on more than 500,000 Euros per week at PSG; Ronaldo just asked for a raise at Madrid; Dembele has just been transferred from Borussia Dortmund for 105 million Euros. What is going on?

If a cost benefit/analysis shows that Neymar is indeed worth that much to the Qataris that pay his salary -- then fine. But I find it hard to justify adding to his wealth by writing about it. So no more...

For this purpose, I'm switching to writing about what is more important to me, football-wise. The football scenarios I am involved in:
  • After-school football with my fellow teachers
  • Football watching with said group of footballers
  • Saturday morning football with the old farts at my gym
 Happy reading.

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