Thursday, April 5, 2012

FC Barcelona vs. AC Milan, Part 2

 As it happened: Twenty minutes before kickoff.  No trouble getting to the stadium from near the arc de trionf on bicicleta. Up the passeig de San Joan fins del diagonal i, zip - to the stadium. Wow. After so many years watching these games on tv, I am finally in the stadium for one. I am pretty fn happy.  This is my first time watching the game from the north end. I have been near the southwest corner for the other two games here. The Milan fans are making a ruckus way up in the third tier.  Nice! Did not hear that at either the Madrid game or the Valencia game.

Rumor has it that Cuenca is playing and not Alexis. A curious decision from Pep I think. Loads of potential but not yet proven. Hope he does not freeze up like Tello at the weekend.  Visca el barca!
 Halftime and it's 2-1 to Barca, two penalty kicks the difference. Bout time they started calling penalties for us. Seriously, believe they were just calls. The second looked a deliberate pull down, the first was a hard challenge by the goalkeeper on Messi who was clear through on goal.  Now to the since half. Cmon u barca!
It's over. The Milan fans have to wait for the rest of us to leave. 3-1 to Barca. It was tense right up to about minute 77, then it seemed Milan lost heart. The end included the ritual frustration fouls and bad energy, but this fan is leaving very happy. Bona nit.
Poco despres, my thoughts are that I am highly impressed with they way Cuenca played.  Also, Dani Alves ran his socks off and was involved in practically every attack of significance. It is a true pleasure to watch this team play. Oh, and messi scored two more goals. That means I've seen him net 6.

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