Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why Barca Should Cash in on Pedro (and keep Alexis)

Why Barca Should Cash in on Pedro (and keep Alexis) At 1-3 up against Zaragoza, Pedro dribbled two Zaragoza players, dished a sweet pass to Messi (who returned the favor with a sweet pass of his own), the finished the move in tremendous style. That goal was an incredible confidence booster for the cantera lad, and one the many Barca fans relish with pride. He is, after all, on of our own.

That said, I think Barca should sell him.

If you haven't noticed,  Barca, like other top clubs, bring in new striking talent every year or so, to keep partnership with the regulars fresh, interesting and challenging. Before Alexis, they bought Villa; before Villa, Ibrahimovic; before Ibra, Henry, and on and on.  Pedro is not a unique player (though his odd running style sets him a bit apart). He is akin to David Villa in my opinion, on that he is a very good player, but not a technically enhanced player.  He lacks the skills and some of the natural abilities of, for example, a player like Alexis Sanchez, his teammate and competitor for games at FC Barcelona. 

The reason I am lobbying Barca to sell Pedro is that the time is right - he is twenty-four, recognized world wide as a top player, and has loads of potential that would be realized by a club who could give him regular starting roles.  Barca still have Villa (who should be ready before season's end), plus they have a soon to be fit Ibrahim Afellay, they have fellow cantera lad Tello, Isaac Cuenca - in other words, they have plenty of backup for that role.  Let Pedro go while he is in his prime - keep Alexis as the starter for now; motivate the forwards be revolving Alexis with Tello and/or Cuenca to keep things fresh.

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